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Efflorescence Cleaning

Efflorescence Cleaning Have a chalky white residue on your patio or wall? Chances are its efflorescence. While it is not harmful it is unsightly. We have cleaners that are made to remove efflorescence.

Moisture and temperature are the main reasons why efflorescence occurs. It usually appears on unsealed surfaces and porous masonry materials like concrete surfaces, pavers, bricks, and stones. Efflorescence may disappear over time, but its presence on the paver surface will make your outdoor feature look dull and dirty. While a DIY job may solve the problem, it is still best to tap the services of professionals like us at Patio Rescue. We offer our efflorescence cleaning service to residential and commercial property owners in Strongsville and nearby Ohio areas.

Well-experienced Maintenance Crews

Our company has well-trained crews with extensive experience in paver repair and maintenance. They have also worked on numerous retaining wall maintenance projects in residential properties across Ohio. When you call us for an efflorescence cleaning job, we will send our team fully equipped with the right tools and equipment. Our cleaning solutions are proven safe and effective in removing efflorescence and other stains on your patios, retaining walls, and other masonry features. We highly recommend this service if you hire us to apply sealers on your paver amenities. As a guarantee, we will leave your premises only when you are completely satisfied with our work.

Affordable Efflorescence Cleaning Service

A lot of Ohio property owners call us for efflorescence cleaning and other maintenance works because of our client-friendly rates. We also provide them top-notch services regardless of the scope of the task that we handle. You, too, can experience our kind of service by calling us now at (440) 821-0309.

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