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Replacing & Installation of Polymeric Sand

Replacing & Installation of Polymeric Sand Ants. Weeds. Loose sand. These are all problems that typical sweep sand create in between paver joints. We use a Polymeric sand which solves all of these problems. It sweeps in like regular sand and then hardens once it is activated by moisture. It creates a pliable yet firm joint that cannot be penetrated by ants or weeds, and will withstand a light power washing.

Use of Premium Quality Polymeric Sand

Most of our paver maintenance projects include replacing and installation of polymeric sand. We only use premium quality polymeric sand to achieve outstanding results. This type of sand can effectively keep weed and mold growth at bay because it tends to stay in place during wet and dry weather. Its stability also makes the paver joints resistant to damages caused by unsteadiness and paver movements, which are normally the case when regular sand is used. It also prevents joint erosion caused by power washing, frost heaving, and water. Also, insects such as ants are kept at bay by the firmly settled polymeric sand. Lastly, it quickly becomes water-resistant barely two hours after installation, which means that it’s ready to prove its worth outright.

Proper Polymeric Sand Application

Replacing and installation of polymeric sand requires a certain level of skill that only experienced contractors like us possess. We ensure proper application of the sand by going through our proven installation method. First, we carefully prepare the surface and ensure that it is cleaned, dried and properly compacted. The sand is then poured and then carefully swept using a hard-bristle broom. Once the excess sand has been removed with a fine-bristle broom, we will then wet the joints to help the sand cure and become water-resistant.

When we are replacing old polymeric sand, we simply power wash the joints to remove the existing sand and then apply the steps like it’s a new installation job. But whether it’s a new installation or a reapplication, rest assured that we will follow the same meticulous ways to offer you the best results.

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