Don’t Replace Your Old Patio,
Rescue it!
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Patio Rescue offers a variety of services that are aimed to fix any hardscaping issue. We offer:

Power Washing and Cleaning

We use power washers, brushes and cleaners specifically designed for pavers and concrete. Read More About Power Washing and Cleaning »

Efflorescence Cleaning

Have a chalky white residue on your patio or wall? Chances are its efflorescence. While it is not harmful it is unsightly. We have cleaners that are made to remove efflorescence. Read More About Efflorescence Cleaning »

Replacing and Installation of Polymeric Sand

Ants. Weeds. Loose sand. These are all problems that typical sweep sand create in between paver joints. We use a Polymeric sand which solves all of these problems. It sweeps in like regular sand and then hardens once it is activated by moisture. It creates a pliable yet firm joint that cannot be penetrated by ants or weeds, and will withstand a light power washing. Read More About Replacing and Installation of Polymeric Sand »

Wet-look or Natural Matte-look Sealer

Has your patio lost its original color? A sealer can bring back the richness that your patio once had. A wet-look sealer gives your patio the look of always being wet. A natural matte-look sealer brings back color without looking wet, and also helps prevent against future fading. We also offer an anti-fungal protection to prevent mold, moss and algae from growing. Read More About Wet-look or Natural Matte-look Sealer »

Minor Patio and Wall Repair

If you have any low spots in your patio, damaged pavers, or uneven walls our technicians can usually repair these types of issues. Read More About Minor Patio and Wall Repair »

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of OH:
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