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Wet-look or Natural Matte-look Sealer

Wet-look or Natural Matte-look Sealer Has your patio lost its original color? A sealer can bring back the richness that your patio once had. A wet-look sealer gives your patio the look of always being wet. A natural matte-look sealer brings back color without looking wet, and also helps prevent against future fading. We also offer an anti-fungal protection to prevent mold, moss and algae from growing.

Proper Patio Sealing

No matter how great-looking the patio is, it will fade over time if not properly sealed. Our company has been helping countless Ohio property owners maintain the excellent look and condition of their patios by ensuring that they are properly applied with the right sealer. We offer clients two options of patio sealers: wet-look or natural matte-look sealer. Regardless of their pick, we guarantee proper surface cleanup by removing weeds, efflorescence, molds, mildew, and other materials.

Additionally, we use different sealers from the best brands that typically last anywhere between one year and five years before requiring a reapplication. With proper sealing and using only high-quality sealers, we can help you save some dollars on the maintenance of your prized patio.

Premium Patio Sealers

As mentioned, we use only premium products in our patio sealing tasks. Some of the popular brands of sealers that we use are Endura Seal, Foundation Armor, Eagle, and Techniseal. Choosing from wet-look or natural matte-look sealer should not be a problem since we can help you select the best sealer from these brands. For those who go after the wet-look finish, we recommend Black Diamond Wet Look Stone Sealer and Foundation Armor AR350 – arguably among the finest sealer products in the market. Meanwhile, those who prefer the matte appeal may choose between Techniseal’s Natural Look Sealant and Brickform Matte-Magic. Regardless of your desired look, rest assured that we will guarantee that your patio will look stunning and truly inviting.

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